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Advanced Excel 2019 Training in Goa
  • Program Duration : 30 hrs
  • Intended Audience: BCom, MCom, BBA, B.E, BCA, BSc, MBA
  • Practicals: Yes
  • Program Output: Certificate of Excellence

Learn Excel through our Advanced Excel course in Goa and boost the impressions you make on your boss or in the board room. Data is currency of the new age and you need to be adept at data reading and data analytics. Excel dashboards, VBA, formulas - there's so much to learn, that our excel training will leave you astounded!

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You have always wanted to learn Microsoft Excel but undergoing a comprehensive Excel training in the middle of work and life, just doesn't seem worth it. Vedasys shows you how! You manage data? You need to do it better. Become a data analytics pro!

Why learn Excel?

Microsoft Excel is by far and large the world's most popular and comprehensive spreadsheet program. It connects engineers, accountants, front office, back office, warehouse and nearly all departments of small and medium businesses.

It is used in businesses, educational institutions, corporates of all sizes, governments and individuals of all levels of expertise.

Main features of Microsoft Excel

  • Excel Formulas – the most popular feature loved by all users
  • VBA Macros – Program and automate tasks in Excel, the Powerful way
  • Pivot Tables – use Data analytics to find trends
  • Lookup Formulas – finding a needle in a haystack was never this easy!
  • Excel Charts – Present everything better!
  • Sorting & Filtering data – Analytics
  • Conditional formatting – See what is relevant quickly!
  • Drop down validation & form controls
  • Excel Tables & Structural References
  • Powerpivot, Data Explorer & Data Analytics features – Advanced features.

Benefits of Excel training

  • Data visualization - great looking charts
  • Extremely fast calculations – sometimes hundreds of them at once, completely automated.
  • Powerful automation capabilities through VB programming
  • Data analytics – understand what your data is trying to tell you.
  • See trends, act on it and ensure data-driven decision making to the next level

Microsoft Excel applications & uses

  • Data organization & storage
  • Calculations – simple, complex and beyond.
  • Accounting – Budget plans, expense tracking, financial reports, loan calculators, forecasts and more.
  • Charting – also called data visualization, e.g. pie charts, scatter charts, line charts, bar charts, area charts, columns charts and more.
  • Inventory Tracking or record keeping of any type
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Goal seeking
  • Project management
  • Forms, Quizzes, To-do lists etc
  • Customer, Employee records

Who can enrol for Advanced Excel 2019 Course – Prerequisites

  • Working Professionals from all streams and backgrounds
  • Students aiming for management positions - BBA, MBA, BCA, BE
  • Employees looking for growth in Corporate
  • Commerce graduates
  • Skill aspirants
  • Self-employed consultants and entrepreneurs
  • Backoffice teams – Accountants, HR, Line managers, Finance, Warehouse
  • Leadership teams – C-Level executives, Vice Presidents, HODs
  • Middle Management – Senior managers, Supervisors

Why Excel course from Vedasys only?

What is the possible No. 1 reason why corporates, working professionals and students prefer us over all others.

  • Quality filled courses - this is a high-performance training center not just another computer training institute
  • Accelerated learning through a practicals based approach
  • Cost effective courses
  • Founders' combined Corporate experience of 25+ years

We set a strong and shining example for the way pedagogy should be undertaken and curriculum developed for the networking world.

Advanced Excel 2019 Course Duration

Daily classes for 2 hours and a maximum course duration of 2.5 weeks. This may vary for customized requirements.

Excel Course Fees

We neither believe in discounts nor in cutting corners on quality.

Vedasys proudly promotes only job-oriented computer technology and courses. Our aim is to provide high value courses that help you clear interviews and find real world jobs.

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MS Excel 2019 vs MS Office 2019

MS Office is a suite of software that includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and more. MS Excel is one of the applications in this suite that offers spreadsheet functionality.

Latest version of MS Excel

Most of you may be still using MS Excel 2007, 2013 or 2016. Microsoft Office 2019 is the latest suite of productivity application software that has MS Excel 2019 as part of it.

VEDASYS is one of the few institutes to offer Advanced Excel 2019 training in Goa.

Advanced Excel 2019 course as part of Corporate Training

We offer discounted rates for institutional and group trainings. We tie up with corporates from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and Goa under yearly regular training packages executed under a MoU (memorandum of understanding) that underline your best interests and amplify your business benefits.

Excel Jobs

Expertise in MS-Office in general (and MS-Excel in particular) along with Tally ERP 9 + GST are a sure shot way to make yourself attractive to prospective employers. Most B.Com, B.B.A, M.B.A specialized roles also involve financial modelling, charting, data analytics etc all of which can be very powerfully done with Microsoft Excel.

Add a strong set of communication skills (verbal, written, body language) and it will put up an irresistible combination that employers will naturally want and like.

If you can show your prospective employer that you can add value through skill and smarts; combined with good communication skills now it becomes an invaluable differentiator that will set you apart from other potential job competitors.

Excel Jobs Salary

A fresher may draw between INR 1.2-2.4 lacs per annum for between 0-1 year experience. The remuneration obviously varies based on the industry and is expected to also hike steeply based on the volume of responsibilities handled, their criticality and overall experience.

Is this a Certificate Course?

Yes. You will be subject to an assessment test at the end of your training program which will involve hands-on tasks as well. On successfully clearing the same, you will be awarded Vedasys’s Completion of Course requirements certificate.

Other recommended Courses

For absolute newbies, we recommend the Computer Basics Course while if you are interested in accounting and money matters, we recommend our Tally course (Tally ERP 9 + GST training).


Vedasys Excel training is based on real-world data and crisp examples & number crunching. Meet our faculty, discuss the syllabus and other course benefits and then take a decision.

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Vedasys is a leading Excel training and Advanced Excel course provider in Goa. We help you learn excel and its advanced features in simple to follow ways - you will be thrilled to learn it for both personal as well as professional applications. We also provide online Advanced Excel 2019 course online for clients from other Indian states & abroad from the Europe and US.

Advanced Excel 2019

Let us Excel I

  • Basic Spread sheet features
  • Basic Functions & Formulae
  • Advanced Spread sheet features
  • Data Visualization – Charts & Graphs
  • Data Analytics – Pivot Tables & More
  • Advanced Functions & Formulae
  • Introduction to Basic VBA & Automation

Let us Excel II

  • Advanced Formulae
  • Advanced Data Visualization
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Advanced VBA Automation

They call me the Excel Whiz kid at work now!

Keyboard shortcuts is only one of the many subtle things they teach, that makes you an infinitely better Excel user. My fluency is so good, I am twice as productive at work than I used to be before. My boss couldn't be happier!

- Rob Markey

Excel 2016 Champion!

Never knew you could program in Excel - with Visual basic. Automation is now my favorite thing to do, that just helps save me tons of time.

- Aditi Lawande

Made me realize I could improve so much!

My Excel prowess has improved by leaps and bounds and my colleagues also tell me I have come a long way. My only feedback would be to include tons of homework more, so we may learn more through learning by doing!

- Mohit Bandekar

Awesomeness in a small package!

Does exactly what it promises! Reports that used to take hours, now take me minutes!

- Rishika Pereira

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